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Protecting the Rain Drops
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Protecting the Rain Drops

Rainwater management including environmental monitoring

Feasibility studies and applications for co-funding in the frame of 2.1 OPI&E for the project: "Rainwater management including environmental monitoring in Ruda Slaska city - Protecting the Rain Drops".

The task included 17 contracts for construction works related to rainwater drainage and retention, located in different districts of the city, with different phases of implementation. The construction or reconstruction covered about 20 km of rainwater drainage system with retention reservoirs and a drainage system for watercourses.


The aim of the project was to adapt to climate change by solving the problems of rainwater and rainwater management in the area of the City of Ruda Śląska, by improving the flow in the rainwater drainage network and creating water retention opportunities.
This goal was achived as a result of:
Stage I
  • The length of the constructed rainwater drainage network: 2.9 km
  • The length of the reconstructed rainwater drainage system: 5.1 km
  • Number of constructed rainwater management facilities (excluding stormwater drainage): 15 units
Stage II
  • The length of the reconstructed rainwater drainage system: 11.1 km
  • Number of built facilities for rainwater management (excluding stormwater drainage): 6 pcs.

Scope of work

The sope of works included:
  • feasibility studies to be carried out separately for two stages
  • preparation of applications for co-financing of a project to be implemented under Measure 2.1 Adaptation to climate change together with protection and increasing resilience to natural disasters, in particular natural disasters and environmental monitoring; Project type 2.1.5 Precipitation water management systems in urban areas together with annexes necessary for its implementation
  • introducing, on behalf of the Contracting Authority, to the application generator all data and materials related to this application which are necessary for the correct submission of applications
The expected total cost of Phase I amounted to over PLN 18 million, and the EU funding was applied for in the amount of over PLN 12 million. For Stage II these values were respectively: 45 and 31 million PLN.
Both applications and all attachments, including Feasibility Studies, passed the formal and substantive assessment carried out by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw.


  • PLN 12 M Stage I co-funding
  • PLN 31 M Stage II co-funding
  • about 20 km of rainwater drainage
  • 17 contracts

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