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Complete support for your projects

EHS (environment, health and safety) is one of the area of our operation where we offer services aimed at providing comprehensive support and assistance in the broadly understood work safety and environmental protection. Our offer includes EHS audits within the scope of occupational health and safety, fire safety or environmental protection, as well as environmental analyses, in particular those regarding noise and soil. We take an individual approach to each problem, providing tailor-made solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.

EHS/Due Diligence Audits

  • OHS (occupational health and safety)
  • Fire protection
  • Environment

Inspection of OHS/fire safety

  • Inspection of documentation (trainings, employee medical documentation, job specification, risk assessment, accident procedure, means of escape)
  • Checking the procedures
  • Site visit (correct employee behavior, inspection of equipment/devices, inspection of building condition, valid storage/stocking)
  • Verification/supervision of measurements at workstations
  • COVID audit (cleaning and disinfection audit)
  • Inspection of fire-fighting system
  • Control of evacuation routes
  • First aid/fire-fighting trainings

Inspection of the environmental aspects

  • Verification of documentation, its correctness, validity and compliance with the state of affairs (IPPC permit - initial report, environmental permit, water management permit, waste production permit, gas emission permit, decision on the permissible noise level, SEVESO III)
  • Verification of fulfilling the obligation to monitor the state of the environment
  • Verification whether the decision/permit conditions correspond to the actual state on site and meet quality standards
  • Conducting of independent surveys (air emissions, noise, soil)
  • Development of opinions/recommendations, together with the potential costs of restoring the environment to the legal state

Environmental analyses

  • EIA (environmental impact assessment)
  • Acoustic analyses (decision on the location of new noise sources, concept of noise level reduction)
  • Soil condition assessment
  • Water and sewage management, including surface and underground water assessment projects together with risk analysis of their pollution
Complete support for your projects

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