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EHS (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is quickly emerging as the common framework to evaluate the overall health of a business’s operating model and the company’s long-term resiliency. Key stakeholders but also customers are searching for, and increasingly demanding, thoughtful, forward-looking policies and programs in all three of these areas. ESG indicators have become so important that they are the subject of regulations introduced by the European Union. At Antea Polska, our consultants have the strategic thinking and technical expertise to provide neutral, client-specific advisory to help clients navigate, understand, and proactively manage their ESG risks and opportunities and embed a lasting programmatic approach.

ESG represents a framework used by investors to better understand your business on a wider scale. It’s your company seen through a lens of sustainability performance and liability. That is why it is so important for the adopted ESG solutions to be compliant and coherent with the expectations of investors, customers, the business environment, but above all to correspond to the priorities of the company and its employees. Only such a strategy will bring real benefits to the company.

Thanks to our sister companies in North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe, which work with many of the world's sustainable companies to advise them on global and local ESG issues, we have cross-national expertise in this area and dedicated methodologies for the implementation of ESG.


What kind of impact is your company having on the environment?

This can encompass issues of carbon emissions, runoff, disposal procedure, pollution of all kinds, resource efficiency, biodiversity, and history with environmental regulatory bodies.

The impact of the business activity concerns issues such as carbon footprint, water management - water abstraction, wastewater discharges, rainwater and snowmelt discharges, waste management, resource efficiency, environmental education, biodiversity and history with environmental regulatory bodies.


What kind of relationships does your company have with the people in its ecosystem?

This covers how your company manages relationships with its employees, customers, suppliers, partners and communities.

Here’s where your employee treatment, benefits, pay, and diversity will be evaluated along with your company values and how they have (or haven’t) been put into practice. Matters of human rights, sourcing, customer service, and customer protection will also factor into this criteria, as well as the social impact that your operations have left on the surrounding area.


How does the board of directors run the company?

This aspect involves examining the executive governance of the company. Investors will evaluate stakeholder incentives, executive compensation, bonuses, prioritized metrics of success, matters of corruption, conflicts of interest, levels of transparency, and the hierarchy of governance.

7 Steps to Building Your ESG Program

In order to achieve a cleaner, safer, more sustainable world, all companies must realize the importance and value of managing ESG-related business challenges in a way that fits their pace and unique objectives.

From understanding what is most material to your business and how to establish baselines and goals, to developing roadmaps, tracking metrics and reporting on progress, Antea Polska can help you establish a strong ESG program and strategy at different stages that can withstand the test of time, respond to investor demands, and be agile to societal shifts.

Our industry-leading, seven-step approach to developing and implementing an ESG program is robust and systematic yet flexible to fit the scope and scale of your business operations. The assumptions adopted are the result of the Group's many years of experience in developing ESG strategies and also meet the requirements of EU regulations, including in particular the EU Sustainability Taxonomy.

Our ESG Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory:

  • ESG Materiality Assessments
  • Strategy Processes and Frameworks
  • Goals and Target Setting
  • Action Plans and Roadmaps


Technical Advisory – Water, Carbon, Climate, Materials:

  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Risk and Opportunity Screenings
  • Implementation Support and Tools
  • Analyses for the compatibility of investments with the EU Taxonomy


Location-Specific Implementation:

  • Facility Optimization Assessments
  • Location Context Profiles (Watershed, Climate, Transition)
  • Adaptation and Resiliency Actions
  • Collaborative Local Action Initiatives


Reporting & Disclosure Support:

  • 3rd Party Disclosures
  • Investor Disclosures
  • Customer Survey Responses
  • Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, & ESG Annual Reports

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