Preparation of design documentation for the execution of the DN500 MOP8,4 MPa high-pressure gas pipeline construction project in the Galow- Kielczow, including the performance of author's supervision.

The Galow-Kielczow gas pipeline is an important element in strengthening Poland's energy security. Together with other gas pipelines, the Galow-Kielczow gas pipeline enable the off-take of increased amounts of gas from the European Union.
Antea Group has prepared project documentation and supervised the project.

The scope of work

  • Preparation of the Environmental Impact Report
  • Achieving a final environmental decision
  • Preparation of geological documentation
  • Preparation of geodetic documentation to the extent necessary to develop a project together with projects for division of plots of land
  • Preparation of dendrological operators
  • Execution and preparation of the Inventory of the condition of real estates included in the scope of investment execution
  • Obtaining a final decision on the location of an investment under the Speculation procedure
  • Obtaining the final decision on the building permit under the Special Law procedure
  • Work on executive designs for all industries